Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling

Are you struggling as a couple? You may need help with:

  • Feelings of disconnection from your partner 
  • Dealing with constant conflict
  • Resentment or contempt and lack of respect
  • Deciding whether to stay in or to end the relationship
  • Can your relationship last?
  • Are you confused about your relationship, wondering if it’s slowly ending? 
  • Do you wish you could go back to the times when you felt loved and valued, those times when you felt that your needs and opinions really mattered?

You feel disconnected and alone. You don’t communicate the way you used to, and you wonder if something is wrong with the relationship or with your partner or even with you. You seem to be stuck, having the same fight over and over again. Constant misunderstandings weigh you down and cause you to be critical and contemptuous of one another. You’ve both become defensive, and you avoid talking about the ever present conflict between you. Everything that’s happening makes you feel insecure, angry, resentful, irritable and disrespected. 

Most Couples face Challenges in their Relationship at some time

“The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them  to  fit  our  own image. Otherwise, we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them.”   – Thomas Merton


Sometimes couples struggle because they expect the initial normal, healthy stage of forming a strong couple’s bond to last forever. 

The reality is that a successful relationship is made up of two individuals, each with a clearly defined sense of identity. 

If partners don’t understand who they are and what makes each of them unique, it is difficult for them to engage in an ongoing relationship smoothly and in a way that enhances each partner.

In couples counselling, you learn to identify what might be causing disharmony in your relationship and get clear on whether the disagreements you’re having might be part of your normal development as a couple, or if they might be the result of something more fundamental but which might be correctable.


The good news is that you can get back to feeling fulfilled and satisfied in your relationship. 

You can learn how to communicate, manage your conflicts, and make healthy decisions. You can be supported in discovering if you have similar goals and values and if you can agree on a vision for your future.


Couples counselling can help you revive your relationship and feel reconnected and fully alive again. It can help both partners develop new perspectives and skills to help them identify and heal from the things that would have caused distress.


Couples counselling can be challenging yet fulfilling

We are trained in different approaches and we select the approach that would best suit you and your relationship.

When you work with us, you feel encouraged and empowered to make choices that support your growth and development first as a person, and then as a partner in a relationship. 

You feel a sense of empowerment to make the choices that will help bring enjoyment and fulfilment to your life. Wouldn’t you like to experience that transformation?

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Before you say “I do”

If you’ve passed the pre-commitment stage of your relationship and you’re ready to commit to engagement and marriage, you should be thinking about pre-marital counselling. 

Let us help you prepare. 

In pre-marital counselling, we encourage you to think seriously about the sanctity of marriage and the family, to look closely at your respective families of origin and to consider how their ways of doing things will impact your own marriage.

You improve your communication and conflict management skills and learn how important it is to make big decisions together. This is where you learn how to deal with your relationship issues before you say “I do”. 

We cannot overemphasize how important this should be to you. Let us work together on a pre-marital package designed especially for you. 

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