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Individual, Couple and Family Counselling and Theraphy Services
I provide relationship counselling, and marriage and family counselling and therapy to couples and
families who would like to the relationships they envision.

Couples Counselling and Family Counselling

As your counsellor I can help you:

  • Constant bickering between you and your partner about things that are never get resolved.
  • Feelings of insecurity, clingyness and jealousy about your partner
  • Cheating in your relationship either by you or your partner
  • Blaming, criticizing or attacking your partner
  • Distrust of fear that you will be repeatedly hurt
  • You feel your relationship slipping away
  • You and your partner no longer have an emotional connection
  • Communication is difficult or non-existent
  • You feel your partner no longer cares or tries to understand your needs
  • Things seem to be going nowhere and you face the possibility of separation or divorce.

Life doesn’t have to be such a struggle. After all, you’re supposed to be on the same team!

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