About me Lisa Fournillier

I have been married for twenty-eight years and I have a son and two daughters. I am still getting used to my elder daughter being married and living away from home. My husband and always think of each other as best friends, and in that, we have been truly blessed. Our family might perhaps be considered perfect or ideal, however, as we all know, all marriages and all families will, at times, face challenges and ups and downs. Our strong Christian faith has always taken us through.

Life is a journey that is very rarely smooth. It may be dotted with speedbumps and obstacles, but the beauty of the journey is that it is unique for every individual. Like everyone else, I have had to overcome my own insecurities and challenges. These experiences, however negative, and there have been many positive ones as well, have contributed to making me who I am.

The first job I held was at a financial institution. One of the things considered a weakness in that environment, was that my customers repeatedly returned to fill me in on their ongoing successes. This was for me the most gratifying part of that job, in a place where meeting financial targets should have been my number one priority.

I eventually made the decision to transition to counselling, which meant ensuring that I became academically qualified. I did this by obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Counselling, followed by a Master of Arts degree in Counselling with a concentration in Marriage and Family.

If you are looking for a confidential space where you could not only feel heard, but supported as you take the steps toward healing, then I am here and I am willing to work with you. in an environment of trust and mutual respect. We will work together towards helping you develop awareness of where you are at present, and what behaviours you need to adapt in order to move to a place where you can begin to feel whole again.

If your home is filled with conflict and bickering, or if you’re having difficulty parenting your children and teens, I can help. Your children and teens may themselves need counselling. Let me help. My years of experience helping and counselling persons in similar situations have given me the knowledge and skills to help you.

I am committed to ensuring confidentiality, while being compassionate, empathetic, and patient as I work with you to create therapeutic change.


Call me at 742 1051 or send me a WhatsApp message. I would love to hear from you.

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